Euregio Ceramics Award

On the basis of the annual Euregio Ceramics Market and the associated Euregio Ceramics Award, the Pottery Museum Raeren tries to support and document the new developments in the field of ceramics. Over the years, a modern collection with the works of the respective award winners was created, which is shown as a supplement to the historical permanent exhibition in the museum. There is also an annual special exhibition at Haus Zahlepohl with the ceramics of the last award winners.

The exhibition of the winners of the Euregio Ceramics Competition 2023 will take place from 04 August to 08 September 2024 at Haus Zahlepohl (opposite the museum). The award winners are Martin Mindermann (1st prize & audience award), Philippe Lucas (2nd prize) and Constanze Neues (3rd prize).