Pottery Museum Raeren Association

The Pottery Museum Raeren is supported by the same-named non-profit organization (NPO). Everyone interested in the work of our association can become a member of the NPO to support the museum. 

Members of our association are regularly informed about our work and get personally invited to special events. Furthermore, they have free admission to the museum for a full year and receive our publications for free or at reduced prices.

Are you interested? 

Then sign up by phone or e-mail.

Membership costs 15,-€ per year.
Sponsors pay 30,-€ or more to the account 731-1172582-21
(IBAN: BE17 7311 1725 8221, BIC: KREDBEBB).



  • Rudolf Kremer


  • Hubert Niessen


  • Christine Remacle-Pesch


  • Bernadette Kohnemann

Representative of the municipality:

  • Naomi Renardy (Kulturschöffin)


  • Barbara Bong


  • Barbara Bong (museum director)
  • Timo Müller (deputy director, head of educational services)
  • Alexandra Hahn (accountancy, administration, educational services)
  • Sabine Mennicken-Lentz (visitor services)
  • Claudine Lognard (building maintenance)
  • Marcel Barth (librarian, depot, technician)