Raeren Stoneware labelled European Cultural Heritage

In April 2006 several EU member states decided to launch an international initiative: the European Heritage Label. Its gol was to use the potential of cultural heritage in order to strengthen the allegiance of European citizens to Europe and to promote a sense of European identity.  

Revelation of the seal

Among other countries, Belgium took part in this initiative right at the outset. At the suggestion of the German-speaking community of Belgium, Raeren stoneware was honoured with the European Heritage Label in May 2007. 
In 2012 the Eureopean Union took the European Cultural Heritage Label under their wing and assigned strict requirements to it. The application of the Pottery Museum Raeren for beoming part of this new seal failed once and for all in 2014 - which was the same for many other applications.  

Together with other fellow insitutions of the international initiative from 2006, the Pottery Museum Raeren is part of the honour roll of the European Cultural Heritage.

A new application as part of an international project with the other Rhenish stoneware centers would be possible but has not been realized yet. However, there is already a network of the Rhenish ceramic museums which can be found on the collective website "Rheinische Keramik".