Would you like to visit the Pottery Museum, but feel unsettled by the current corona crisis? We have put together the most common questions for you here:

  • Do I have to book an appointment to visit the museum?

No, you can visit the museum without an appointment.

  • Do I need a CST (Covid Safe Ticket)?

No CST is required for a normal visit.

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, wearing a mask is mandatory from the age of 12.

  • Are there any special regulations to be observed?

The legally prescribed safety and hygiene regulations apply. In order to guarantee the social distance between the visitors, a "one-way" tour with appropriate signage was created and the number of visitors was limited to 1 visitor per 15m². All listening stations are currently locked and no tablets are lent out. However, you can access our mGuide (in German) on your own mobile device, for which free WiFi is available. Handrails, door handles, toilets etc. are regularly disinfected by our staff. At narrow points (e.g. in the stairwells) we ask you to be considerate of each other and to regulate the passage yourself according to the social distance.

  • Are there guided tours, museum educational activities and / or events?

No, there are currently no guided tours or museum educational activities. For more information, please contact us: +32 (0)87 / 85 09 03.

  • Is the Tourist Office in the museum open?

The Tourist Office situated in the museum is open. If you have any questions, we are also available by phone: +32 (0)87/85 09 03.

  • Is there a cafeteria in the museum?

The museum does not have its own cafeteria. Directly opposite the museum in "Haus Zahlepohl", however, the Café Bistro Kultur welcomes you every Wednesday to Sunday. Opening times: Mon / Tue: closed - Wed / Thu: 12 noon-6 p.m. - Fri: 12 noon-9 p.m. - Sat / Sun: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Please note that different rules may apply there than in the museum!

  • Is the museum shop open?

The museum has a small shop in the reception area with postcards, books, pottery and other souvenirs that can still be bought. However, we kindly ask you to preferably pay with card and not to touch the objects of sale that are not in showcases.

Do you have another question? Please feel free to contact us:

Tel .: +32 (0)87 / 85 09 03

Email: info@toepfereimuseum.org